Centre for Corporate and Financial Law

The Centre was established in 1996 with Professor Mads Andenas as its first Director. He has been a Senior Research Fellow at the IALS since 1993, and continues at the IALS on a part-time basis.

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The Centre succeeded the Institute's former Centre for Corporate and Partnership Law which had been established in September 1996 with an Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of Professor A J Boyle. Its establishment provided an opportunity to draw together and give focus to a great deal of work in the area of company law that had been undertaken, over many years, within the Institute.

Until April 2000 Professor Johan Henning, Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Corporate Law, was appointed to succeed Prof Mads Andenas on his appointment to the Directorship of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL). Professor Henning held this appointment on a part-time basis, continuing as Dean of the Department of Law of the University of the Orange Free State.

During that time, the Centre conducted a programme in comparative company law developed by its second Director, Professor Johan Henning (2000-2007), and developed activities in European Union company law and its contribution to UK company law reform and policy discussion.

The emphasis of research during that phase was placed on the reform of the British Partnership Law, especially a study of the two comprehensive reports on the revision of the English, Welsh and Scottish Partnership Law and Limited Partnership Law as well as the draft legislation. In addition, a critical analysis was made of the evaluation in the Final Report of the Company Law Steering Group of the efficacy of South African close corporation as an ideal legal form for small businesses, as well as the official reaction in the White Paper, and the present Companies Amendment Bill, the official of which was changed from 'Company Law Reform Bill' to 'Companies Bill' during committee stage in the House of Commons in July 2006.

During 2005 and 2006, in-depth research on the reform of partnership law and company law reform continued. This was expedited by an arrangement with the Law Commission which granted the Centre's researchers access to the Law Commission's comprehensive research documentation on partnership law reform collected over many years. Close contact was kept also with the DTI in order to stay abreast with the most recent official developments.

Prof. Mads Andenas continues to organise and host research programmes and events at CCL drawing together Fellows and Visiting Scholars from all over the world and working on a range of current research topics in corporate and commercial law. Prof Andenas also holds a Chair at the Department of Private Law of the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo, Norway.

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